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IFSC Honorary Member Helmut Knabl (AUT) presents a donation to CAC during the IFSC World Championships Innsbruck 2018
Sport Climbing athlete and CAC Trustee Shauna Coxsey (GBR) presents a donation to CAC at the IFSC World Cup Edinburgh 2017
Young climbers take place in CAC’s Mountain March 2019
Participants of CAC’s Mountain March 2019
8 year old Edward Mills (GBR) became the youngest person to climb the Old Man of Hoy, Scotland, to raise money for CAC
Edward Mills (GBR) raised 40k GBP for CAC in 2018 with his ascent of the Old Man of Hoy

The IFSC is proud to support Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) as the official charity of the IFSC.

Founded by British climber John Ellison (who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2011) in January 2013, CAC aims to bring together the incredible support and camaraderie of the climbing community to raise both awareness of the disease and funds for cancer research.

John's Story

CAC Founder, John Ellison

Donated directly to cancer research facilities around the world, funds are largely raised through the sale of brightly coloured CAC apparel, accessories and climbing holds/equipment. CAC supporters hold fundraising events worldwide to generate further donations for the charity, selling CAC apparel and climbing the height of famous mountains on indoor walls.

CAC ambassadors are of great importance to the CAC community, giving their time voluntarily to attend events and sell CAC apparel wherever possible.

Recent CAC achievements:

In 2018 at just 8 years old, Edward Mills became the youngest person to climb the Old Man of Hoy, a sea stack off the coast of Scotland (GBR) which stands at 137m tall. Raising almost £40,000.00 for CAC, Edward presented the cheque to CAC at Kendal Mountain Festival (GBR) in November 2018.

CAC held its first international fundraising event in March 2019, the ‘Mountain March’, which raised almost £18,000.00. Groups across the UK took part, with a team in Australia and the ‘Climb Up’ group in France also supporting the event. The charity hopes to make the event an annual occurrence and to involve more countries.

Donations to be made in 2019:

  1. £25,000.00 to Helmholtz-Association DDKFZ (GER). To be presented at the IFSC World Cup Munich (GER) in May.
  2. £25,000.00 to The Cancer Research Institute (USA). To be presented at the IFSC Bouldering world Cup Vail (USA) in June.
  3. £25,000.00 to IFOM Research Centre (ITA). To be presented at the IFSC Youth World Championships, Arco (ITA) in August.
  4. £25,000.00 to the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (SGP). Presentation to be confirmed.

Future CAC plans:

The CAC team are continually searching for new and interesting products to add to their range of merchandise, with plans to add an organic t-shirt to their stock in late 2019. The charity is also working to reduce their plastic usage on a daily basis to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

CAC Founder John Ellison:

John Ellison was appointed an IFSC Honorary Member during the IFSC Plenary Assembly 2014 in Paris (FRA). The IFSC will not forget you, John, and will continue to proudly support CAC.

Visit to show your support, or connect to CAC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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