Perfect Descent

IFSC Exclusive Auto-Belay Partner

Perfect Descent is the world leader in speed climbing auto belays and exclusive supplier to IFSC speed climbing competition. Hand-built in the USA from the highest quality components, Perfect Descent auto belays are lightweight, compact and easy to use and maintain.

Not just for competition, Perfect Descent auto belays are trusted by climbing gyms, camps, militaries, and schools around the world for their reliability and low cost of ownership. Perfect Descent is the ideal tool for getting the most from indoor training sessions and gives climbers of all ability levels the freedom to climb when they want and how they want.

Customers can choose from our Speed Drive™ and Direct Drive™ technology. Speed Drive™ auto belays are fast enough to keep up with the fastest climbers and the first choice on speed walls, for warm-up and dynamic routes, and for fitness and training-focused climbers. Direct Drive™ auto belays feature precision design and high-quality components at an industry leading price. Ideal for use on beginner routes, kid zones, for programmed activities, and at family entertainment centers.

Perfect Descent saves owners time and money by featuring the longest service interval in the industry and easy to replace lanyards and other high-wear components. Great for climbers of all ages and abilities, Perfect Descent auto belays support a culture of accountability and reduce belay error probability.

Join the Perfect Descent movement today.

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